Psalm 150

Praise the Lord!
v.1-2 Praise the Lord in all creation for his mighty deeds and his excellent greatness.
v.3-5 Praise the Lord with loud music and dancing.
v.6 “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!”
Praise the Lord!

The final psalm is a call to exuberant praise for everyone in all of creation. How? with everything you have.

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Psalm 149

Praise the Lord!
v.1-3 A call for Israel to praise the Lord with singing, music and dancing.
v.4 The psalmist gives the reason for praise—God’s salvation for the humble.
v.5-6 A further call to praise with song.
v.6-9 With two-edged sword in hand, the people are to “execute vengeance on the nations.”
Praise the Lord!

The two-edged sword is of course the word of God. The church’s enemies are not flesh and blood, but rather spiritual forces of darkness. Let the high praises of God be on your lips as you go about your life today.

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Psalm 148

Praise the Lord!
v.1-4 Call for praise to God in the heavens by his angels and all his hosts (sun, moon, stars).
v.5-6 He created the heavenly hosts and established them, therefore they are to praise him.
v.7-12 Call for praise to God on the earth by sea creatures, the elements of weather on earth, mountains, animals and all peoples.
v.13-14 Praise God for his name alone is exalted and earth and heaven. He is the glory of all the saints.
Praise the Lord!

All of creation is united in this call to praise the creator.

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Psalm 147

Praise the Lord!
v.1-6 “The Lord lifts up the humble” and “heals the brokenhearted.” Great is our God, he numbers the stars and calls them by name. His understanding is beyond our comprehension.
v.7-11 Sing to the Lord who provides the rain and feeds the animals. He “takes pleasure in those who fear him.”
v.12-20 The Lord blesses Jerusalem and declares his law to Israel.
Praise the Lord!

The Lord is the sovereign ruler over the world and he blesses and cares for his people. Seek to know and understand God and to become more like him today.

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Psalm 146

Praise the Lord! (Hallelujah)
v.1-2 “I will praise the Lord as long as I live.
v.3-4 Don’t trust in an earthly prince, when his breath departs, his plans also perish.
v.5-7a Those who hope in the Lord are blessed. He is the God of creation, full of mercy.
v.7b-9 Mighty acts as reasons to praise God.
v.10 “The Lord will reign forever.
Praise the Lord! (Hallelujah)

The last 5 psalms are each framed by Hallelujah. It is fitting to bring the psalter to a close with psalms of praise. In this psalm, the praise is deliberate and forever. Make a firm, determined, and conscious decision to praise God in your life. We are also advised not to put our trust in an earthly prince. There is only one who we should put our trust in—Jesus Christ.

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Psalm 145

A Song of Praise. Of David. An acrostic poem.

v.1-3 David promises to praise God and proclaim his greatness every day forever. No one can fathom the greatness of the Lord.
v.4-7 Each generation will teach the next of God’s works, his glorious splendor and abundant goodness. They will sing of the righteousness of God and declare his greatness.
v.8-9 Praise for characteristics of God (gracious, merciful, slow to anger, abounding in steadfast love, good to all, mercy over all that he made). For v.8 see Ex 34:6, Jon 4:2.
v.10-13a Praise to God for his mighty acts and power. His kingdom shall endure forever.
v.13b-20 Praise to God for his acts, his righteousness, his kindness, his nearness, and his salvation. The Lord preserves those who love him, but the wicked he destroys.
v.21 David (and all flesh) will praise God forever.

It is a most solemn duty of each generation to teach the next to praise the Lord for his mercies and righteousness. His mercy is over all creation (and how much more to his children). The Lord is near to all who call on him in truth (v.18), see Jn 4:23-24. Let it be our daily personal goal to extol his name continually.

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Psalm 144

Of David. A royal prayer.

v.1-2 Blessed be the Lord my rock, my steadfast love, my fortress, my stronghold, my deliverer, and my shield. See Ps 18:2.
v.3-4 Lord, what is man that you consider him? He is nothing but a breath of air. See Ps 8:4.
v.5-8 A call for the Lord to deliver David from those who speak lies.
v.9-11 A second call for deliverance and a promise to sing unto the Lord.
v.12-15 A vision of the blessings on the people (family, economy, and nation) whose God is the Lord.

Blessed indeed are the people of the Lord. God alone is our savior and deliverer. Only in God can we find a meaningful, worthwhile life.

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Psalm 143

A Psalm of David. A prayer. A penitential psalm.

v.1-2 David’s plea to the Lord to hear his prayer. He acknowledges that no one is righteous before God (see Rom 3:23).
v.3-4 His spirit faints and his heart is appalled at how the enemy has pursued his soul and crushed him to the ground.
v.5-6 David’s soul thirsts for the Lord and he meditates on all he has done (in history and creation). Selah.
v.7-8 Here the psalmist asks for God’s guidance and a quick answer to his prayer.
v.9-10 David pleas to the Lord for refuge from enemies. He prays that God would teach him to do his will (and lead him).
v.11-12 A last plea for deliverance from trouble and a statement of confidence in the Lord.

David is devoted to the Lord and looks to him for deliverance from enemies. He asks God to teach him to do his will and lead him on level ground. We should do the same. David acknowledges his sin before God (v.2). Once again, we should do the same. When we confess, and forsake, our sin, we are then able to get back in step with God.

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Psalm 142

A Maskil of David, when he was in the cave. A prayer. See 1 Sm 22:1, 24:1-3, Ps 57.

v.1-2 David cries out to the Lord for mercy in a time of trouble. He pours out his complaint.
v.3-4 My enemies have set a trap for me and no refuge remains for me.
v.5-7a Request for deliverance from persecutors.
v.7b Statement of confidence in God’s deliverance.

This is a prayer we can use in a time of despair. David expressed confidence that God hears prayers and will act (Phil 4:6). We can have the same confidence and boldly bring our needs before our God through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour (1 Pt 5:7).

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Psalm 141

A Psalm of David. A prayer against compromise.

v.1-2 David calls on the Lord to hear his prayer. Let his prayers be counted as incense (Rv 5:8).
v.3-4 David asks God to guard his lips and his heart from any evil.
v.5-7 Faithful are the wounds of a friend (Prv 27:6) but judgment will overtake the leaders of the wicked. v.7 is obscure.
v.8-10 David seeks refuge in God and asks that the wicked fall into their own traps.

We all need to ask God’s help in overcoming temptation and compromise with evil. We should be willing to accept the rebuke of the righteous in our life.

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