Matthew 12:1-8

Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath
Parallel passages: Lk 6:1-5 & Mk 2:23-28. See also Dt 23:25.
v.1-2 At an appropriate time, when Jesus was walking through grain fields on a Sabbath, his disciples were plucking heads of grain to eat. The Pharisees accused them of violating the Sabbath.
v.3-5 Jesus answered by recalling the story of David (1 Sm 21:1-9) eating the showbread in the temple (which was unlawful). And also the priests work in the temple on the Sabbath (Nm 28:9) yet are guiltless.
v.6-8 But, Jesus pointed out, something greater than the temple is present (himself). If they understood that God desires mercy not sacrifice (Hos 6:6) they would not have blamed the guiltless: “For the Son of Man is Lord (even) of the Sabbath.” The Pharisees imposed a burdensome yoke (Mt 11:29-30) on the people without compassion. Christ is the fulfillment of the Sabbath and in him we have complete rest (in the finished work of the cross).

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