Matthew 11:25-30

Rest for the weary and burdened.
Parallel passage for v.25-27 at Lk 10:21-22.
v.25-26 Jesus offers a prayer of thanksgiving to God for revealing the kingdom to the childlike rather than those who think they know something. The kingdom of heaven requires faith and humility. Only those who receive the kingdom as a little child will enter in, Lk 18:17.
v.27 No one has seen God the Father except God the Son (Jn 1:18 and recall Mt 3:17). We are told that the Son will reveal his Father to those he chooses (those who put their trust in him). The Father has committed all things into the hand of the son (see Jn 3:35 and Mt 28:18). “All things” speaks of both authority and knowledge.
v.28-30 Great multitudes came to Jesus with their brokenness and he healed them (Mt 15:30). Here Jesus tells the hearers to come to him to (1) find rest (receive salvation), (2) to learn from him (the yoke of discipleship), and (3) serve with him (his yoke is easy, 1 Jn 5:3). Those who come to him he will not cast out (Jn 6:37).

Read Matthew 11:25-30