Matthew 10:26-33

Do not fear opposition
See parallel at Lk 12:2-9.
v.26-28 Do not fear (the opposition), for the truth will not always be hidden from view (it will be revealed by God). The day of judgment is coming when the righteous will be rewarded and the wicked punished. Fear rather God who can destroy the body and soul in hell (eternal suffering). Speak openly and from the housetops.
v.29-31 Did you know the hairs of your head are numbered by God. A small common bird may not be worth much in our standard, but not one will fall to the ground apart from God’s will. We can take great comfort in that because we are worth far more to God than the bird. If God cares so for the birds, he will care for his own people that much more (despite any present suffering). God cares for us because of his amazing grace not because we deserve it.
v.32-33 Acknowledge Christ before men and he will acknowledge you before the Father in heaven. Acknowledge means to confess him (before men) and trust in him (at all times). Remain faithful to Jesus even in the face of certain death. But even if we aren’t faithful, he is faithful.

Read Matthew 10:26-33