Proverbs 1:20-33

Wisdom, in the person of a woman, addresses the young men who have rejected her instruction. The purpose of her speech is to get young men to listen to her now, before they suffer the consequences of not heeding her call. Woman Wisdom is the personification of God’s wisdom and stands for God himself (BCOTWP, p. 111).

v.20-21 The narrator (father) introduces Wisdom’s speech. She shouts in the streets and in the public square. That is, Wisdom is readily available to those who seek her (before its too late).
v.22-25 Wisdom laments the young men’s (fools) rejection of her counsel. She speaks to three classes of fool who have rejected her: the simple, the mockers, and simply the fool.
v.26-31 Because they reject Wisdom, troubles will befall them with devastating force. Wisdom will laugh at them and not answer when they call.
v.32-33 The way of the fool is death, but those who listen to Wisdom will dwell in safety.

Wisdom’s appeal is urgent. Follow her advice because time is certainly running out. Make a decision today to seek Wisdom.

Read Proverbs 1:20-33