Psalm 107

Book V (Ps 107-150)
A praise psalm. God is good!

Call to praise.
v.1 A call to praise God for he is good.
v.2-3 The setting is the deliverance of Israel from exile (answering Ps 106:47).

Praise God for four rescues he has performed.
Pattern: calamity—cry—salvation—thanksgiving.
v.4-9 God delivers people lost in the desert (wandering).
v.10-16 God delivers people suffering in prison. See Lk 1:79.
v.17-22 God delivers people suffering with disease (the wages of sin).
v.23-32 God delivers people at risk in a stormy sea. See Mk 4:35ff.

Praise God for his power over creation.
v.33-38 God is in control of every situation.
v.39-41 God brings princes low and raises the needy.
v.42 The upright see what God has done and are glad.

v.43 The wise will consider these things.

The 4 rescues in v.4-32 are perhaps 4 different ways to look at Israel’s exile. They are analogous to the sinner’s plight and so directly applicable to all people and all times. As you read the psalm, see yourself in need of rescue and meditate on the great love of the Lord.

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