3 thoughts on “Psalm 7

  1. Once again you have caught the whole Psalm with just a few key phrases – like a Reader’s Digest condensed version. If they ever want a Cliff Notes version of the Bible, you’re the man!

    Wouldn’t you like to know who Cush was? One footnote notices that since he was a Benjaminite, he was probably a supporter of Saul.

    Verses 3-5 are the words of a man confident in his righteousness! But how can David claim such righteousness? Yes, he was far better than most, especially in his long-suffering under Saul, but either he has a very relative view of sin, or he is counting on God to view his faith as righteousness!


  2. Yes, our righteousness is in Jesus and so is David’s, but in this Psalm and others, he sure sounds like he’s talking about works!


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