Psalm 26

David declares his loyalty to God.

This psalm is similar in content to the first psalm. It emphasizes a life pleasing to God. David talks about his life of righteousness and asks God to prove me, O Lord, and try me (v.2). He stands on the level ground (v.12) and asks that God not sweep my soul away with sinners (v.9). As examples of a God pleasing life, David tells us:
1. I have walked in my integrity
2. I have trusted the Lord without wavering
3. your steadfast love is before my eyes
4. I walk in your faithfulness
5. I do not sit with men of falsehood
6. nor do I consort with hypocrites
7. I hate the assembly of evildoers
8. I will not sit with the wicked
9. I wash my hands in innocence
10. (I) go around … proclaiming thanksgiving aloud
11. and telling all your wondrous deeds
12. I love the habitation of your house
13. I shall walk in my integrity
14. my foot stands on level ground
15. in the great assembly I will bless the Lord

Ponder the list for a while.

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