One thought on “Psalm 14

  1. For a while, atheism was really disappearing from Western postmodern culture. Maybe it still is, although there has been some more media attention lately to some atheistic writers. That doesn’t mean necessarily that people are accepting the God of David, just that they are less willing to pretend there’s nothing out there.

    But I think this Psalm is less about atheism than it is about people living as if God can’t see them. In fact, these first three verses are part of what Paul uses in Romans 3 to make his case that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”.

    Interesting that David repeats most of this Psalm in Psalm 53. A remake – along the order of Chris Tomlin’s remake of “Amazing Grace”? Or did David forget he’d written it (“Wow, this song just kind of leapt into my head one day!”)and nobody wanted to tell the King he was repeating himself?

    In any case, David is confident that the LORD will one day set things straight.


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